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Sire - Optics

product design / development / creative direction
since 2009

With the SIRE collection we aim to pursue finest craftsmanship, sharp design, and only the best materials – to be worn by Noblemen and Gentlewomen.

Each single piece of SIRE eyewear is handcrafted out of natural horn in a collaboration between Aekae and Swisshorn.

A small manufacturing company in the midlands of Switzerland, Swisshorn has been working with the high-value material for years. We produced numerous prototypes of SIRE spectacles before the first line had been launched.

Designing the spectacles Aekae builds on the tradition of using natural horn as a working material for premium objects. The spectacles’ signature «open bridge» just above the nose has made for a capturing feature ever since the first pieces, and has inspired many other brands in recent years.

By bringing together their respective skills, Aekae and Swisshorn create something truly noble and unique.

The material that SIRE optics are made of is the horn of water buffalos. They are some of Southern Asia's mightiest animals and are commonly held as farming animals. Their horns can grow up to two meters in length, and can be used to create long lasting products once the animal has deceased. 
Each piece of horn differs in color and pattern – and therefore makes every frame one of a kind.

Founded by Aekae
Project Partner: Fabian Leuenberger
Photography: Sandra Kennel / Nadine Ottawa