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Komplementair - Men's Accessories Boutique

interior / furniture / lighting

Komplementair Man is a boutique devoted to the world of accessories.
Same as it's predecessor next door which is targeting female customers, the 140 square metre space required a very unique approach; in the location beneath the old railroad viaduct, running through Zurich's rapidly changing former industrial district, the original listed stonewalls are part of the interior.

«Komplementair» refers to the accessories complementing an outfit; this theme was used on a bigger scale for the interior design as well.
Aeberhard/Kaegi decided to base the concept on the same materials as in the first venue, but to achieve a more masculine feel through the execution. In contrary to the women's shop which has an eclectic vibe and suggests a big variety, the goal was to give the new men's shop a more organised and structured aesthetic.
Oblong frames made of black and white MDF form shelves of various height to
accomodate the wide range of objects, from small jewellery to weekend bags. To allow the impossible length various secondhand furniture pieces were compiled to structures, forming the backbone of the shelves. The nature of the frames allows the old raw stone walls to stay visible through the display shelves.
After the search for furniture pieces the concept required a lot of on-site-work to combine the old and the new to hybrid shelves with a unique appeal.

Seamless lightlines were integrated into the shelves both to emphasize the dimensions of the shelves and to highlight the products on display.

The infrastructural elements, counter and bathroom, are simple grey blocks, emerging from the concrete floor which contrasts the stonewalls of the viaduct. The bigger bathroom block also incorporates storage and the largest side is used to display bags, using the cut-off legs of several furniture pieces to form pegs.
The owner asked to give the new men‘s shop a distinctive look, while staying true to the strong and eclectic characteristic of the first Komplementair boutique;
The authentic vibe remains, stemming from the unique material combination, fine carpentry work and refined details, but definitely has a more masculine feel.

Client: Komplementair
Carpentry: Gregoryclan
Identity: Fabian Leuenberger
Photography: Nadine Kägi