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Qwstion - Typographically Enhanced

product design / development / creative direction

Aekae has recently been working on some experimental bags for QWSTION in collaboration with the type foundry Europatype.

A few thousand years ago, artisans were the first to place distinctive marks on their fabrications as signs of quality. At QWSTION, we believe that a product should speak in great terms for itself and a subtle statement of origin is all the branding it really needs. That's why we came up with the concept of «functional branding», only placing our name on parts of the product that serve a functional purpose (such as buckles, twist locks, zipper pullers, and rivets).

In correspondence, choosing a typeface that's simple and timeless was crucial. We discovered it in EuropaType's modern sans serif typeface EUROPA. Run by graphic designer and typographer Fabian Leuenberger, EuropaType is based in Zurich and London. Their approach of developing typeface turned out to be very similar to our approach of designing functional bags: Questioning, refining, and maybe even redefining the shapes of our heritage.

The goal of this collaboration was to push the boundaries of the functionality of branding. Using a laser cutter and bags of the SS13 «Oyster Grey Special Edition», we created various patterns based on our logotype. Branding becomes subtle and abstract, and the otherwise stiff material as a result became expandable and enhanced in its utility through the typographical cuts. The products are not intended for sale.

Please find some images of the process and products attached.
We'd like to give our special thanks to textile laboratory DevelopmentNeverStops for making it happen.

Project Partners: Fabian Leuenberger / Matthias Graf