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Making Things 2 - Shop

interior / furniture / lighting

«Making Things» is the name aswell as the concept of a fashion boutique in Zurich, Switzerland. The distinctive selection of clothing, accessories and things is focused on brands with a story of extraordinary detailing and craftsmanship.
For their second venue the owners chose a location in the former industrial district, which is quickly turning into Zurich's new hotspot. The shop is situated in a temporary container structure, where the construction workers used to take rest from their shifts, right next to the tallest building of Switzerland which was completed a few months before.

Aekae studio decided to respond to the tight and sterile containerspace with a concept that induces warmth and generosity; quite the opposite of what could be expected from the outside. As the shopwindow is not at ground level but on the first floor, they incorporated an element of surprise so passersby would be drawn up the stairs in to the shop.
Purposefully placed mirrors on the ceiling offer a glimpse of the goods on display to the outside viewer, while augmenting the space and exposing the structure.
The floor made of local timber boards hints at the heritage of the location, and it's reflections unleash the full charm of wood. Like abstract ribbons, the boards grow in to display areas and seating of different heights, uncovering the dark floor base. A lot of onsite work was required to achieve a clean and seamless look.

The project aims to celebrate simplicity in an enjoyable yet functional way, and to translate the raw material aesthetic of a manufacturing workshop into an inviting boutique.

Client: Making Things
Carpentry: Gregoryclan
Photography: Nico Schaerer