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Komplemetair - Boutique

interior / furniture / lighting

Komplementair, a boutique devoted to the world of accessories, required a unique approach.
At the location in an old railroad viaduct nothing was allowed to be fixed to the original stonewalls which are part of the interior.

To accomodate the wide range of objects, from small jewellery pieces to weekend bags, various pieces of secondhand wooden furniture, were compiled to bigger structures to achieve plattforms of different sizes. All surfaces were covered with custom fitted pannels to create a neutral backdrop for the products on display. like accessories complementing an outfit, the furniture complements the space.

The lighting system was specifically developed, and combines brass rods for hanging items with adjustability for the lampshades.
The infrastructural elements, counter and bathroom, are simple black blocks, standing on the white floor in contrast to the stonewalls of the viaduct.

For this project Aeberhard/Kaegi were awarded «Retail Space of the Year» at China's most important Design Award, the MD International Media Awards in Shenzhen 2011.

Client: Komplementair
Carpentry: Gregoryclan
Identity: Fabian Leuenberger
Photography: Nico Schaerer