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Z am Park - Café/Bar

interior / furniture design / branding

The Café/Bar «Z am Park» serves a good coffee and a small but healthy menu.
For the straightforward interior Aekae used parts of the old oak-herringbone- parquet to form the bar and couches, all contrasted by the warmgray, mono- chromatic space.
Materials were re-used where possible; vintage curtains were handpicked for the upholstery, and a modular lamp from 1965, by Trix and Robert Haussmann, contributes to a cozy atmosphere.
Not just quality products but also contemporary design is given a platform; various designers have been asked to each re-work 4 of the horgenglarus bistro chairs (mod. Classic 1-380). These can be used and seen in the café during 6 months, after which they are auctioned, giving room to new re-worked chairs. The profit goes to the designers.

Chairs by, amongst others: Jörg Boner, This Weber, KuengCaputo, Postfossil, Nikolas Kerl, Florian Hausirth, Robert Wettstein, Christophe Marchand/Christian Lehmann, Fries&Zumbühl, Andreas Bechtiger, Micolas LeMoigne, Jörg Boner, Colin Schaelli, Thilo Brunner, Frédéric Dedelley.

Co-founded by Aeberhard/Kaegi
Carpentry: Gregoryclan
Photography: Nico Schaerer