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Hive - Club

interior / furniture design

When the new owners, all with a background in the underground party scene of zurich, took over the 300 qm2 club venue, aekae & HelsinkiZürich (formerly M41LH2) faced a difficult task: to give the underground crowd a permanent home without loosing credibility and edge.
The project is a remake of one of the beacons of Zurich’s nightlife and club scene. Hive is not merely a nightclub, it is a cultural institution: a versatile platform for the underground electronic music scene with the goal to be the best club around.

We developed a spatial concept to reconfigure the whole and make better use of the main spaces by animating the boundaries, niches and corners, and by opening up new perspectives within. The design recipe was to reduce the amount of elements, keep them simple and make sure that every move is economical. This was implemented through a step-by-step process in order not to close down the club during renovation work and thus let the clubbers take part in the metamorphosis.

The result is exaggerated and understated self-made luxury, stemming from the clumsyness of the oversized furniture landscapes and the cozyness of the herringbone-pattern, combined with the sharpness of custom made steel tables and the graphic style of the lightrope installations.

Commissioned by: Hive Club
Project Partners: Helsinki Zürich
Photography: Daniel auf der Mauer