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Qwstion - Raw Edition Bags

product design / development / creative direction

For this special edition of QWSTION bags, the usual production process on the material side was questioned and turned upside down. The cotton canvas shellfabric, normally goes through a number of processes until it is finally cut and sewn together.
This includes washing, bleaching, softening, dyeing and coating, with the purpose of refining and customising the material to the specific wishes of clients.

After visiting factories and researching these processes, Aekae proposed to cut out all of these steps, and use the raw and untreated fabric directly to make the bags.
This way consumption of resources is minimised and the collection receives a straightforward and natural look. Irregularities in the weaving, normally not visible, add character rather then being treated as flaws.

The Raw Canvas edition consists of a Weekender, Backpack and Tote, all developed with the modern metropolitan individual and his demand for flexibility in mind. Besides questioning the materials, the focus was put on the integration of functionality in a distinctive visual language.
Part of this approach is the specifically developed «circle stitch» detail, which optimizes weight distribution of strap attachment points on the shellfabric.

Co-founded by Aekae
Project Partners: Matthias Graf
Photography: Urs Bigler