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Making Things - Shop

interior / furniture / lighting

«Making Things» is the name aswell as the concept of a fashion boutique in Zurich, Switzerland. The distinctive selection of clothing, accessories and things is focused on brands with a story of extraordinary detailing and craftsmanship.
It's located on the groundfloor of an old building with a new extension. Using the elevation of 1 metre between the two parts as a starting point, Aekae made the connection of the two areas the theme of the interior design, and created oversized steps of white washed local pine. Smaller, removable elements inbetween the big blocks allow flexibility in the presentation. The layers are arranged on both sides of the narrow space designed as a theatrical backdrop for the products on display.

The height of the interior is emphasized with an airy and light atmosphere, supported by clusters of organicly abstract lighting objects, created specifically for Makingthings. Old lampshades were stripped of their covers and their wire structures recombined to new shapes.

Wooden elements made of discarded workshop furniture were integrated in the new part as shelving, making a connection between the present and past of the former craft workshops in the old part of the shop.

The project aimed to celebrate simplicity in an inviting and functional way, and to translate the raw material aesthetic of a manufacturing workshop into a fashion store that is flexible and enjoyable. In addition, the theme of making things is emphasized with the clean gallery-like entrance space serving as an ideal backdrop for exhibitions of contemporary illustration and craft, hosted occasionally.

Client: Making Things
Project Partners: Gregoryclan
Photography: Nicolas Duc