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Digitec - Showroom Concept

interior / furniture / lighting
since 2009

Digitec has quickly grown to one of the biggest retailers of consumer electro- nics and everything related, in switzerland.
they started their business online, then added pick-up stores and now are ex- panding to full showrooms.
Aekae has conceived a new kind of shop with a simple and inviting aesthe- tic. in collaboration with the interaction designers of springen we created an interactive showroom, that combines the possibilities and convenience of online-shopping with the advantages of a physical shop experience.
the interactive product presentation uses a touchscreen that works as a digi- tal pricetag, based on realtime data displayed directly from Digitec's product database. this allows customers to access all the info they are used to from the online shop, where products can easily be compared and related info is provided.
the focus of the physical presentation lies on a limited number of products that are most interesting for users to experience and see. Large «promotion screens» on the walls highlight additional items. These screens are not only information devices, but symbols of fast processes, dynamic data visualisation and automated systems. it is for this reason that they were chosen to be an important visual element of the interior concept.
The modular and raw concept allows great cost efficiency, as it can adapt to very different spaces, and doesn't require big investments within.
This again helps to offer the best possible price to the customer.

Project Partners: Springen / Fabian Leuenberger
Photography: Daniel auf der Mauer